Who We Are

Madison County Democrats LogoMadison County, “The Jewel of the Blue Ridge,” is located in Western North Carolina. It is comprised of 12 precincts and 3 towns–Hot Springs, Mars Hill and Marshall.

The Madison County Democratic Party strives to elect qualified Democrats to county, state and national offices and to advocate for policies that reflect our values.

  • An economy that raises income for everyone.
  • Education that enables all to adapt.
  • Bringing broadband Internet to all.
  • Affordable health care for everyone and working for solutions to the opiod crisis.
  • Preservation of our national environment and our identity as “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”.
  • A green economy that incorporates solutions to global warming.
  • Welcoming diversity and inclusion.
  • Bringing ethics back into local, state and national politics.
  • Ending racial and political gerrymandering.
  • Supporting a women’s right to make decisions regarding her own health care.
  • Supporting the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Ensuring humane treatment of all, residents and immigrants alike.
  • Preserving the 2nd Amendment in a responsible and reasonable way.
  • A free press