• The Executive Committee consists of 1 chair, 3 vice-chairs, a secretary and a treasurer. To contact them simply click on their name.
  • Stuart Jolley is the Executive Committe Chair. He is also an alderman in the town of Mars Hill.  He believes that when we all work together, we can WIN!!  Stuart Jolley (Chair)
  • Billie Jean Haynie (1st Vice-Chair)
  • 2nd Vice-Chair of the Executive Committe is John Gosnell. He is an avid outdoorsman who believes preserving the environment is essential to enjoying the beauty around us.  John Gosnell (2nd Vice-Chair)
  • Darlyne Evans Rhinehart (Secretary)
  • Ann Lunsford (Treasurer)
  • The social media for the Democratic Party is being handled by Nancy Larkin. She is in charge of the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Contact her if you have any information you would like to see on any of these platforms. Nancy Larkin (3rd Vice-Chair)

Stuart Jolley-Chair

Billie Jean Haynie-Vice Chair

John Gosnell-2nd Vice-Chair

Darlyne Rhinehart, Secretary

Ann Lunsford, Treasurer

Nancy Larkin-3rd Vice-Chair

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