Madison Cawthorn: behold the rotten fruit of extreme Republican gerrymandering

Republican strategy and persistence has paid off and Cawthorn is the extreme result. Our party needs a plan, a plan that holds steady far into the future, to overcome the spirit behind Republicans’ initiative.

Great Washington Post Article:

Fired, sick or both: The financial price you could pay for choosing not to get vaccinated

Policy Watch Special Report: Demystifying the redistricting process

As lawmakers move forward with drawing new maps, experts explain the tricks of the trade, how we can do better, and why gerrymandering is so hard to eradicate

An American decade, through a photographer’s searching lens.

A view of America by Ken Light as presented in the Washington Post.

NC Policy Watch-A moving story about Covid and vaccines. 

My daughter is enrolled in Pfizer’s vaccine trial because I don’t trust COVID.