Poll Greeter Reference Sheet

2024 Poll Greeter Reference and Checklist

Save Important Contacts
Save these contacts in your phone before your first shift.
The Polling Place Location
● Address
Your Site Captain
● Name/Number:
NCDP Voter Protection (call): 833-868-3462

Double-check Your Shift Information
Notify your polling place captain, shift volunteer before you, and/or your shift partner if you
will be late or unexpectedly have to cancel

What to Bring
Something to drink and a snack + Folding chair or stool
Cell phone with a charged battery and saved contact info
Book, digital reader, etc (for when there is no voter traffic)

🚫 Be mindful of the Buffer Zone
There will be Board of Election signs showing the buffer zone. ALL greeters, signs, and
literature must be a specified distance (usually 50 feet, sometimes 25) from the entrance to
the polling place.

🚗 Curbside Voting Information
Once a car has entered a space in the Curbside Voting area, you cannot approach. You can
approach cars in line to enter a Curbside Voting space.

🚨 IMPORTANT Reminders🚨
Who and When to Call:
● Issues with harassment/intimidation? – Speak with the Chief Judge or EV Site Supervisor
● Need additional support? Call Site Captain
If you witness any voter intimidation or if someone says they were unable to vote, call or
have the voter call Voter Protection (833-868-3462). If you feel that a situation has
become dangerous, CALL 911. We do not expect this to happen but want you to know that
you always have that protection.

Be calm but firm and assert your right to be present and Establish clear expectations and
📌 Please stop engaging with me, I have a job to do.
📌 Stop engaging with me, I don’t feel comfortable with your harassment.
📌 You’re encroaching on my personal space, and I need you to move away from my area.
📌 I will ask the site supervisor (EV) or the Chief Judge to get involved, please stop
continuing your harassment.
Ask to speak to the Chief Judge, and ask for a specific resolution: “They are continuing to
harass me, I’d like for you to ask them to leave to maintain order.”
Create physical barriers w/ a table, chairs, signs, & a pop-up tent to establish clear

Important Don’ts
🚫 DON’T approach cars in the Curbside Voting area. Once a car has entered that area,
we are not allowed to approach.
🚫 DON’T retrieve slate/info cards or other lit from the trash. Once it’s in the trash, by law
it must stay there.
🚫 DON’T respond to attempts by people to engage you in debate – this distracts you
from greeting other voters. If other people try to challenge or intimidate voters, call
NCDP Voter Protection or tell the Precinct Chief Judge what is happening.