What is a Poll Greeter?

What does a Poll Greeter do?

You are a crucial team member in the efforts to bring our Democrat candidates into office. Many voters arrive at the polls with very little information about the Democratic candidates. Your presence at the polls provides a trusted source of candidate information which can make a difference in a voter’s decisions in the voting booth.

Poll Greeters pass out literature to voters, encourage voters to stay in line and will implement vote tripling tactics when a voter comes back out of the polling site. Greeters are stationed outdoors the polling location.

As a Poll Greeter, your main responsibilities are:

  1. To project a positive, enthusiastic attitude;
  2. To give palm cards, sample ballots or other handouts.
  3. To thank arriving people for voting, encourage them to vote for your party  and ask if they have any last minute questions.
  4. Thank departing people for voting too.
  5. To ask voters to remind three friends to vote (Vote Tripling)
  6. Keep smiling, even in the face of hostile people. Remember that you are making a positive difference and there are lot more people grateful that you are there. Your calm and polite response to a hostile voter creates a positive impression of both you and the party.

What is Vote Tripling?

Asking voters to remind 3 friends to vote (Vote Tripling)
One of the most exciting and powerful new things our Greeters are doing this election is to “Vote Triple”. This is how we turn each voter into an amplifier to maximize our voter turnout!
You will make a simple “ask” of voters you spoke with on their way in once they are coming out of the polling site. While thanking them for voting, you’ll also ask them if they’d like to help us get Democrats elected by texting three of their friends on the spot and reminding them to vote.
It’s key to ask the voter to do it before they leave rather than later. Most voters will say “yes” to this, since it is such a simple task.
Vote Tripling at polling sites has been proven to be more effective at increasing voter turnout than same-day canvassing or phone calls!

sample script
feel free to modify it to suit your speaking style.
Grab voter’s attention – Hey, thank you so much for voting!
Tell them your goals – We want to get more Democratic voters out here.
Make the ask – You can help! Can you text three friends right now and remind them to vote?

NC Democratic Party Voter Protection Hotline: 1-888 OUR VOTE (888-6878683) The Hotline  is available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. throughout the year. Callers may ask questions about how to register to vote and cast a ballot in North Carolina or report voting problems

For an EMERGENCY situation at ANY polling site, call 911.

What to bring

  • Bottles of Water and snacks/energy bars
  • Extra sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella (for shade and rain)
  • A book for when there is no voter traffic
  • A cell phone
  • A folding chair
  • Folding table for Candidate and Party literature