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Congressional Representation
The State of North Carolina is represented in the United States Senate by two Senators and 13 Representatives. Senators are Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. Our District 11 North  Carolina Representative is Madison Cawthorn.

State Representation

Madison County is represented in the North Carolina State Legislature in District 47 by Senator Ralph Hise and District 118 by Representative .

Madison County has a five member Board of Commissioners who are elected in partisan, even-year elections. The current county commissioners are:
Mark Snelson,Chair

Norris Gentry,
Michael Garrison
Craig Goforth 
Matthew Wechtel 
They may also be contacted directly or by calling the County Admistration Office at (828)649-2854, ext. 1 or by sending an e-mail to all the commissioners at the Board of Commissioners. 

Aldermen represent the three towns of Hot Springs, Marshall and Mars Hill that are located in Madison County. The towns are governed by a mayor and 6 aldermen. Marshall is the County Seat. More information about these towns can be found at:

https://Town of Mars Hill




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Mission & Values Statement


The Mission of the Democratic Party of Madison County is to defend the ideals expressed in our nation’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Our Values/We Value

  • Voting as speech protected by our First Amendment.
  • Ethical behavior in our local, state and national politics.
  • Free and fair elections.
  • An economy that creates a livable income for everyone.
  • Education that enables all to adapt and succeed.
  • Strong financial support for the public-school system including access to broadband internet for our information needs.
  • Equal access to information resources.
  • Providing resources and protections for the vulnerable.
  • Affordable healthcare.
  • A person’s right to make personal health care decisions.
  • Protecting our land, air and water.
  • Responsible and reasonable preservation of the 2nd
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Social Justice.
  • Ending racial barriers to voting.
  • Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Treating all human beings with dignity and respect.