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North Carolina’s 11th District

District Clusters-Madison County is part of a 3 County Cluster.

Clusters meet to discuss information relevant to Haywood, Madison and Yancey Counties.  They share resources, offer training opportunities and hold events together. 

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Yancey County Democrats have a  Facebook Page. If you  do not use  Facebook and ned to be in touch, contact their 1st Vice-Chair Deirdre Caudill 

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INFO from NC Democratic Convention-June 6, 2020

1,900 people in attendance on Saturday, June 6. It was a virtual convention that was professionally run by Wayne Goodwin, Chair of NC Democratic Party. I know that much work goes into such an event and am appreciative of all the efforts that so many made to make this happen. The convention started with a performance by Mark & Anita Pruitt who performed lovely blue grass music. 

Convention started with Star Spangled Banner, Pledge and Salute to the NC State Flag.
Wayne Goodwin spoke about events of past week. We are looking for ways to support the African American community. We have much work to do. This is the most important election of our lifetime. #Becounted. Dr. Donna Lake-candidate for NC Senate led to pledge and salute to the state.

Dr. Reverend William Barber-Dr. Barber spoke about the 7 crown jewels of Democracy that  include establishing justice for all and providing for common defense. Far too many wounds in this country due to systemic racism and systemic power. Everyone took a collective stance for life. Too much death that doesn’t have too be. That is why there is so much diversity in the protests. Reaction to George Floyd’s death is a compounded outcry to violation of our common humanity. Long train of abuse…Love demands, truth demands. Today we must address and we must protest.  Acceptance is no longer an option. If the Democratic Party wants to be a viable party, turn these cries into a platform. Hear them. Act on them. Time is up to read the pulse of people and the pulse of our constitution and our deepest moral values. Make sure our platform responds to the people. Hear the people! Build a platform that responds to the platform of poverty, health insurance, ecological devastation, homelessness, living wage, food insecurity. Respond to the people and they will respond to you. Be bold! Be members of the human family! June 20, 2020 Moral Movement. Find out about it. This is the time for focusing on the good for the whole! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL! This is the time for the care of all! Forward together…Forward together not one step back!

Governor Roy Cooper-Governor Cooper spoke about the importance of the next 5 months saying that they are going to be the most pivotal. North Carolina has the most going on. NC Senate. State Legislature blue. Ability to elect strong judges. We have the chance to take the state senate back. It’s a real challenge but he thinks we have the ability to take it all. Our state is making hard decisions regarding Covid-19. Then we see another senseless tragedy of a black man—George Floyd. Need to attack systemic racism at every level. It is time for us to show up for each other now. Health disparities exist as statistics show. Time to close health care gap and expand Medicaid. Need to continue to support education. Proud of our educators who have stepped up to the plate with this pandemic. So many challenges. Has there ever been a time where it is evident where we need strong, stable, consistent leaders? We have a way to register by mail. He thanks all of us for all our hard work. Our party is one of education, of clean air and water, can lead us to success in November. Governor Cooper will work hard every day to move our state forward!!

Chief Justice Cheri’ Beasley-Shares our hope and commitment to making the courts responsive to the needs of our communities. There are many pilot programs with regards to police reform. Officially launched Faith Value and Justice Alliance. She knows that we all have a responsibility to make sure that we are working toward change. Don’t forget the judges in the upcoming election. So much of the responsibility lies in the courts. She is proud to lead the way. Need to support the judges all the way down the ballot. Programs need to be community centered…holistically centered. Go to her Fb and share her message and tag her.

Other video messages were presented by:
Cal Cunningham
Lt. Gov. Yvonne Lewis Holley
Supreme Court Justices
Anthony Foxx (Former mayor of Charlotte & DOT for Obama)

Delegates to the National Convention were elected
13 Elected to represent NC
2 State
15 will represent NC at National Convention

Message from Tom Perez, National Dem. Chair =NC Democrats, Strong Then, Even Stronger Now—Comes to us today with hope. It is time to start a new chapter with a new opportunity. This is an America that Joe Biden is fighting for. We must fight to elect Democrats across all races. Covid-19 has laid bare the utter incompetence of Donald Trump. Nothing has been more energizing than seeing Democrats stand up against this. Each of us has the power to win back the White House. Invaluable leadership first hand. Biden is a dreamer and a doer. Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

Joe Biden’s message was short and succinct. -He stated that he stands united with every single Democrat across the entire ticket. We need to stand up as a nation. As a nation of color for the soul of our nation.

Platform Resolutions were Presented-
Fair and Open Elections
Paying for Progress
Children and Families
Consumer Protection
Economic and Development
Economic and Financial Security
Affordable and Workforce Housing
Substance Abuse Disorders
Health and Human Services
Civil Justice
Education and Training
Heritage and culture
Security and Law Enforcement
Veteran’s Armed Forces
A Motion was made from the floor for a resolution pertaining to George Floyd. We express our deepest condolences to the Floyd family. A committee will continue to work on the wording and it will be accepted as amended. 

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