Yard Signs

Yard Signs

The Mars Hill Democrats and Friends Headquarters has yard signs. The Biden-Harris signs are $15. ALL other signs are free. There are Moe Davis, Cal Cunningham, and Alan Jones signs. There are also bumper stickers for Biden-Harris. These are $3. There are also some non-partisan “Get Out the Vote” signs that are also free. Stop by and get what you need!

If you are interested in ordering any other signs, the following links will lead you there. One thing you can do to support candidates, especially local candidates with less name recognition is to place yard signs in your yard and, when we get closer to the election, volunteering to post candidate yard signs around your precinct. Do something positive to make a difference in 2020.

Biden-Harris Official Yard Signs:

North Carolina Democratic Party Yard Signs:

Support Flip NC’s Yard Sign Campaign:

Roy Cooper Yard Signs:

Find your state senate candidates:

Find your state house candidates: